About company

The BV Pack company was founded in 2003. More than 17 years we successfully produce paper bags, cardboard boxes, packaging and printed products. We are considered one of the leaders in this industry in Latvia and Europe.


Our employees

BV Pack company employees are highly qualified specialists with extensive experience – we are proud of our work and provide the maximum possible quality of sales.

Our customers

Due to our prompt response and a flexible pricing policy, many advertising agencies select our printing company. We always offer the best value for money and our advertence to the customer is one of the chief priorities of BV Pack.

Our partners

We have proven to be a reliable partner in many countries of the EU and continue to work at expanding our geography. At present, orders for our products come from Germany, Lithuania, Estonia, Sweden, Finland, Russia, France and Italy.

Our services

Our formula for success is modern equipment, qualified staff and a customer-tailored approach


Paper bag manufacturing

BV Pack company glue paper bags for printing houses and advertising agencies at competitive prices, high quality and fast delivery. Also we make handemade assembly of other paper and cardboard products (cardboard boxes, exclusive boxes, etc.).


Foil stamping

Foil stamping is a specialized printing process that involves the use of heat, pressure and metal foils to create shining metal like designs, texts, and graphics in a wide range of colors. For foil stamping we use machines up to size B0!



A die cutting machine is used to cut different shapes of card or paper using a die. Our factory is equipped with Die cutting machines of B2, A1, B0 formats.


Relief embossing

BV Pack make relief embossing on paper, cardboard using a special press. Our factory is equipped with embossing machines of B2, A1, B0 formats.


Cardboard lamination

Cardboard lamination – the process of gluing a printed sheet with cardboard. Laminated cardboard materials are used for the manufacture of packaging. Our company produces cardboard laminating on a B1 semi-automatic machine.


Metal rings

We install metal rings on a semi-automatic machine. Used to reinforce holes and add style. Applications: paper bags, calendars, cardboard boxes, etc.


Lamination sheets

Covering paper or cardboard with transparent foil. We laminate with various films – matte, shiny, etc. Protects products from external influences, increases their strength. Our factory is equipped with automatic machine B1 format.



We can drill in paper, cardboard, plastic. We perform drilling on an automatic machine.


Offset printing

Offset printing used for printing on paper or boad using printing equipment. High quality of printing. Low cost for large quantities. Is beneficial for quantities starting from 500 sheets.


Screen print

Screen printing is the process of pressing ink through a stencilled mesh screen to create a printed design. Usually recommended for small orders of 100 pieces. On finished products: paper bags, cardboard boxes, etc.


UV Varnish

UV varnishing is an ultraviolet protective varnish with a glossy effect. UV varnish can be applied to all or part of a printed product. This allows you to effectively highlight any element of the image or multiple elements.



Our professional designers will help you with the design of your packaging or promotional items!